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Your partner for time and display products

We develop, market and manufacture modern timekeeping, scoreboard and display products for public environments such as hospitals, schools, industries, railroads and sports arenas. We ship our products all over the world and we are well renowned not just here in Sweden.

We have 4 different product groups:

Things most people associate us with: typical products are clocks, time centers and facade clocks. 

Scoreboards for various sports. We supply game boards and scoreboards for all types of sports. 

Information boards of various kinds such as approach signs for cities, production displays, gasoline signs, queue management displays and time/temp displays. 

Assistive time devices
Countdown bar timers are assistive devices used to help structure daily routines for people who find the concept of time as displayed by conventional clocks difficult. 

Our head office and factory are located in Töreboda, where we employ 60 people. We also have offices in Örebro and Stockholm, as well as subsidiaries in Belgium and France.

All production takes place in the Töreboda factory.

Around 50% of our products are exported.

Corporate ID: 556028-8648
Mailing address: Box 133, SE 545 23 TÖREBODA, SWEDEN
Tel: +46 506-480 00, Email:

World wide delivery

More than 60% of our deliveries are to foreign customers.