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Scoreboard manufacturing
Installation and commissioning

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American Football

Östermalm IP - Stockholm

Östermalms IP is a sports field on Södra Fiskartorpsvägen in Norra Djurgården, Stockholm, next to the Stockholm Stadium. The sports field was opened by King Oscar II on 30 September, 1906, the year when Westerstrand was founded.

Westerstrand has manufactured and installed the new American football scoreboard for Östermalms IP as the existing scoreboard was damaged in an accident during the summer of 2019. Thanks to Westerstrand, American football can once again be played on the Östermalms IP sports field.
The scoreboard shows the score from the current game and scores from 8 other games, and can also be used for fotball or bandy.


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More than 60% of our deliveries are to foreign customers.