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Our assignment

Mounting and installation

Project time


Tower clock

Råsslaskolan, Kolmården

This winter we were in Norrköping and installed a tower clock at Råsslaskolan Kolmården, a primary school for students in grades 4-9. It was already decided in 2017 that two of the school’s buildings would be demolished due to poor indoor environment, and the project is expected to be completed in December 2021. The expansion will be approximately 6,500 square meters and this means that the partially new school will be able to accommodate just over 800 students. The ring on which our hour marks are mounted is securely anchored in the building’s bars. The façade is covered in a beautiful slate in gray-green color that highlights the many yellow bricks in other buildings. Our hour marks and hands are painted in white, which gives a clear display of time in all weather and light conditions in contrast to the color of the slate.