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Our assignment


Project time


Video screen and Scoreboard

Billingehov, Skövde

We have delivered and installed a video screen in Billingehov ice rink. The video screen is 16m² and is used as a scoreboard in combination with video, advertising or other information. It has been supplemented with a scoreboard BASIC LED which can be used as a slave board or for displaying result when the video screen is not used for this. Officials’ clocks have also been installed in changing rooms that show the same time as the scoreboard shows. That is, match time / break time during the match and real time when it is not. All match information is controlled from our control device.

Billingehov is an ice rink in Skövde and the hall is home to Skövde IK. Billingehov was built in 1983-1984 and inaugurated in August 1984. The hall is located in the middle of Lillegården’s sports area, with several football pitches as well as a baseball field and tennis hall.

See the entire assembly of the video screen on the film below: