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Facade clock

Tegelhagen School

Westerstrand has manufactured and installed the facade clock at Tegelhagen’s school in Sollentuna. The clock uses our GMV movement with specially adapted hands and dial face with dots. The clock has a diameter of 2800 mm and is controlled by a master clock.

Sollentuna is growing with population increases both to the south and north, and more children are in need of school places. Because merely extending and adding to the old school was not considered a good solution, the municipality chose to replace the old school building. A building permit was granted in October 2016, and the old school building was demolished during the summer of 2017 to make room for the now-completed new building. The school now has a distinct main entrance; the rear has been eliminated by integrating the sports hall into the building. To help pupils keep track of time, the school chose to build a Westerstrand facade clock into the wall. Black hands and hour markings were chosen to provide contrast