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Tower clock

Götetorps Skola, Hammarö kommun

Götetorp’s new F-6 school is now decorated with a tower clock from Westerstrand. For this school a tower klock with straight hands and numbers mounted on a circle was selected. All parts are painted in a black color to match the school’s facade sign and other details on the building. This clock measures 1200 mm in diameter and is powered by Westrstrand´s LMV-X clockwork. The black lacquered details provide a sharp and distinct contrast to the school’s modern wooden facade.

The new school is a two-parallel school with room for 350 students, from preschool class and up to 6th grade. The construction work for this school was completed in the autumn of 2021 and the flag was hoisted during the inauguration of Götetorp’s new school on November 16.